Review journal quality and service with JournalReviewer

JournalReviewer is the latest platform to facilitate crowd-sourced independent rating and reviews of journals themselves, along the same lines as the retired Journalysis, and current SciRev, LetPub and Quality Open Access Market sites.

It has been developed by Malte Elson of Ruhr University Bochum, and James D Ivory of Virginia Tech.

These types of sites were raised this week on the EASE Listserv forum, in a discussion about Predatory journals. It was suggested these sites could offer another avenue for certifying journals in some ways, though some members were concerned that the public-ratings model could be gamed in similar ways to Amazon, with unethical publishers acquiring large numbers of fake and overly positive reviews giving unhelpful weightings. The intention behind these sites is certainly admirable, and there is potential for them to provide a valuable resource. The helpful ratings and reviews on TripAdvisor are not rendered completely irrelevant because of some gaming, but i…

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