Cochrane-REWARD prizes for reducing research waste: 2018 winners

This year’s winners of the Cochrane-REWARD prizes for reducing waste in research were announced during the Cochrane Colloquium Gala Dinner last night. The winners were the UK Equator Centre (for its Good Reports Tool), the EBM DataLab (for its Trials Tracker initiative), and the James Lind Alliance (for its Priority Setting Partnerships).

The prize of GBP 2500 recognizes local or pilot initiatives that could lead to reductions in research waste. Given the high standard of the 15 applicants, the panel decided to award three prizes this year, with Trials Tracker and the James Lindt Alliance being awarded a joint second prize.

The UK Equator Centre developed the Equator Good Reports Tool to help overcome key barriers which prevent authors finding and using reporting guidelines. Good reports guides authors to the right guidelines to use, then provides access to reporting guidelines in a user-friendly way. In October 2017, BMJ Open introduced an optional free online automatic manuscrip…

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