Friday, April 20, 2012

B - Review about authorship issues

Marušić A, Bošnjak L, Jerončić A. A systematic review of research on the meaning, ethics and practices of authorship across scholarly disciplines. PLoS ONE 2011;6(9):e23477
(doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023477)
This systematic review has the purpose to evaluate evidence about authorship issues and provide synthesis of research on authorship across all scholarly disciplines. It reviewed 123 articles reporting results from 118 studies. Four general themes were identified: authorship perceptions, definitions and practices; defining order of authors on the byline; ethical and unethical authorship practices; and authorship issues related to student/non-research-personnel-supervisor collaboration.

Friday, April 06, 2012

B - Social awareness tools for science research

McMahon TM, Powell JE, Hopkins M, et al. Social awareness tools for science research. D-Lib Magazine 2012;18(3/4)
(doi: 10.1045/march2012-mcmahon)

Thi article discusses social awareness tools developed specifically for science researchers that facilitate collaboration, help manage article references, and offer options for presenting findings in new ways. The following tools are described: VIVO and Profiles, ScienceSifter, Mendeley, SAT and EXPAT, and SciVee. As scientists know little about such tools, librarians could play an important role to evaluate the many social awareness tools available, to recommend them, and to help researchers use them effectively.

B - Science growth in Iran

Kharabaf S, Abdollahi M. Science growth in Iran over the past 35 years. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 2012;17(3)

This study was carried out to evaluate activities in different scientific fields in Iran compared to other countries over the past 35 years. A scientometric analysis of relevant databases was then conducted. Results showed a progressive quantitative and qualitative growth of Iranian publications. The field of chemistry was the most prolific in terms of number of publications, and a general growth in the quality of works was also evident.