Thursday, August 30, 2007

W - 10 Years Of Geology Research

Thomson Scientific Analyzes 10 Years of Geology Research To Rank The Most-Cited Published Papers

In a press release of August 9, 2007, Thomson Scientific analyzes 10 Years of Geology Research. The results of the study point out that larger institutions generally tend to have higher total citations and that is quite obvious since they publish more articles. Among the top 10 most highly cited institutions, six are located in the United States (first is the US Geological Survey with 23,172 citations), the others in China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom, each having been cited more than 11,000 times.
The press release reports the most cited authors in geosciences as well as the most cited journals where Geology ranks first with 116,069 citations.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

B - Interpreting and Reporting Clinical Trials

Keech A, Gebski VJ, Pike R. Interpreting and Reporting Clinical Trials. A guide to the CONSORT statement and the principles of randomised controlled trials. Australasian Medical Publishing, 2007, 166 p. ISBN 9780977578641

Useful guide for all those involved in the planning, conduct and interpretation of clinical research this book explains and expands upon each of the items in the CONSORT checklist to elucidate how best to undertake and learn from clinical trials.

You can buy it from the online shop of The Medical Journal of Australia