B - Updated edition of EASE Guidelines

The 2012 edition of EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles is available in 20 languages. It includes some new material, such as practical tips for junior researchers. Besides, we support the global initiative Healthcare Information For All by 2015 ( www.HIFA2015.org ) by advising authors to make abstracts of their papers highly informative, reliable, and easily understandable.
If journal editors wish to help us spread the word about EASE Guidelines, they can mention them in Instructions to Authors, using a formula like:
Before submission, follow EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators, freely available in many languages at www.ease.org.uk/publications/author-guidelines . Adherence should increase the chances of acceptance of submitted manuscripts.
We'd greatly apppreciate also any other help in popularization of EASE Guidelines among scientists, science translators, and editors.