N - Making referencing too easy?

Making referencing too easy?
The Open University and its partners have developed a free, open source software - MyReferences - to help students and universities manage academic references more easily. It is part of the Technology Enhanced Learning supporting students to achieve Academic Rigour (TELSTAR) project. Any institution can download it, customise it to their own needs and integrate it into their own learning environments. This resource takes the usability of available tools a step further by integrating them into online courses so the materials students commonly need to reference are already available in the format they need. Students simply select the sources they need to reference, the referencing style their institution requires, and then copy and paste the result into their assignment. How will students ever learn to comply with journal guidelines?

Thanks to Margaret Cooter


Owen said…
I'm the project manager for the TELSTAR project so I hope you don't mind me commenting.

We believe that the key thing is getting students to adopt good scholarly practice and that a tool such as the ones we have developed enable students to focus on this, while the tool deals with more routine tasks.

We are very clear that all we are providing is a tool - it needs to be used in the context of good scholarly practice.