The PLoS Medicine Editors. 2006. Are we publishing “the right stuff”? PLoS Med 3(11): e512.

The editors of PLOS Medicine wonder whether they, as editors, are publishing the right stuff in their journal on the basis of the findings of a major study estimating the likely trends in global morbidity and mortality. This editorial critically considers what editors should be publishing and the proportion of research on different diseases appearing in a general medical journal.


Anonymous said…
I've got something to say about global morbidity and global mortality: Ten out of ten people will die, no matter which part of the planet they live on. Yep, it's true. You will die someday. And I will, too.

Now, science has no answer for why we die. We have these incredibly resilient bodies that can endure just about anything short of beheading and medical science is conquering more and more territory everyday. And we are still dying.

The Bible says that we die because of sin. Adam's sin brought death, disease, and suffering into the world, and we have merely exaccerbated the problem ever since.

The Bible also says that we will face God one day and give an account for everything that we have done in this life, even the idle words we speak. Are you ready?