B - Bioresources sharing and traceability

B - Cost effectiveness for open access journals

B - Open access and altmetrics

B - Medical writing in the Middle East

B - Health research in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

B - Integrity of clinical trial evidence

B - Modules for teaching publication writers

B - Peer review impact

B - Peer review evaluation

B - Relationship between information literacy and creativity

B - Acta Medica Academica indexed in PubMed

B - Characteristics of randomized controlled trials

B - Influences of media on social movements

B - Are alternative metrics still alternative?

B - Publication ethics in the UK

B - Technology and discipline

B - The determinants of open access publishing

B - The structured abstracts

B - Editors' implementation of CONSORT guidelines

B - Traditional and open access publishing in oncology

B - Open vs blinded peer review

B - Editing in the digital world - Conference

B - Digital licenses replace print prices

B - Copy-editing of research papers

B - Medical writer education