Guest Post: New Guide to Digitally Driven OA Journal Development, from Scholastica

We are pleased to feature a guest blog post from our conference sponsors, Scholastica , to tell you about their latest free eBook; The Small Publisher’s Guide to Digitally Driven OA Journal Development . The guide covers digital-first content production, hosting, and dissemination best practices publishers of any size can implement to scale their OA journal programs sustainably. From shifts in how readers find and engage with content to new archiving and indexing requirements and everything in between — there's a lot for publishers to keep up with in the fast-changing research landscape. That's why harnessing opportunities to publish more efficiently via digital-first workflows and content optimization is essential. The Small Publisher’s Guide to Digitally Driven OA Journal Development provides a blueprint for strategies publishers at any stage can follow to expand the reach and impacts of their journals while keeping up with the latest publishing standards and trends, includ

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