EASE Council Post: Bahar Mehmani on PrePrints

As a new series on our Blog we will be featuring regular posts from EASE Council Members, to share insights into the work our Council are doing both with EASE and in their professional work. These posts are intended to help our members and the wider community get to know our Council a little better and showcase our collective achievements.

In this post, Bahar Mehmani revisits her session from our Virtual Conference, introducing preprints, the backgrounds of the speakers involved in the session and an account of what happened on the day.

Rapid dissemination of research outside traditional journal publishing happened perhaps for the first time in 1961 when the National Institutes of Health (NIH) began to circulate biological preprints in a forgotten experiment called the Information Exchange Groups (IEGs). This system eventually attracted over 3,600 participants and saw the production of over 2,500 different documents, but by 1967, it was effectively shut down following the refusal of …

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