W - Tiny urls, a useful help to stay fit

Tiny url, a new device to shorthen urls. It allows to cut long urls that cause trouble in e-mails or publications and oblige readers to cut and paste urls in the address bar.
By entering a long URL in this software, you will have a tiny URL that will not break in emails or postings and never expires.

Try it at www.tinyurl.com or http://www.tiny.cc/


Bob C. said…
I tried using your tool to make email smaller, but I really dont get the point of it.
Bob C. said…
when I enter www.hellocallingcards.com into the tool, it only reduces the url by 2 characters, and then it looses the significance of my name.
margaret said…
This tool is useful in two cases.
1. When you want to paste a long URL into an email, it will often break, so that only the first part is live. When the recipient of the email clicks on this "live" link, they will get an error message because the enire URL hasn't been pasted into the browser's address bar. Using TinyURL makes a short URL (20 characters instead of 65, for instance) that can be live and correct in your email.
2. In print publications, having a long URL will discourage readers who would be quite interested in following up the link -- they don't want to do all that typing, and sometimes they type it incorrectly and don't get to the website. So a tinyURL is easier to retype, and less prone to error.
It's important, in print publications, to give some explanation of the website that the tinyURL will lead the user to, eg give its name.